Rafters Mostly Done

June 13, 2020

Peter and Ryan helped me put up rafters today.

The material is so large, it’s easier to use a handheld circular saw than maneuver the boards into place to use the miter saw.

We marked, cut and attached hangers to rafters on the ground.

The rafters attach to the ridge beam using metal rafter hangers attached with structural screws.

Then attached them to the ridge beam.

Ryan is trying his best not to flinch when using the nail gun.

We face-nailed rafters to the end walls to make them stiffer and provides a drywall backer.

I was 2 hangers short and they were special-order parts, so I’ll have to fill those in when the hangers arrive.

With the rafters mostly up, we could get a feel for the final dimensions of the space for the first time.