Networking Cable

June 12, 2021

Today I ran an ethernet cable from the house to the studio.

The trench was about 80 ft long and 12 in. deep.

First my daughter helped me dig a trench between the house and the studio.

The CAT7 ethernet cable is running through 1/2 in. SCH 40 PVC conduit.

We pulled the gravel back and used wheelbarrows to hold the dirt so it would be easy to cover it back up without a mess.

Behind the rim joist there’s a 90ยบ elbow guiding the cable in the right direction.

The entrance to the house goes through the rim joist and then goes across the house to where my networking equipment is.

I used tape to gently hold the conduit in place while the polyurethane sealant dried.

The entrance to the studio goes in near where the power used to hook up back when I used an extension cord to power the studio.

I’ll run the cable in metal EMT inside the studio.

There’s about 115 ft of ethernet cable left on the studio side, which is more than enough to make it over to the electrical room.