Air Circulation

July 31, 2021

To provide airflow to the closet, vestibule and machine room, I added some passive and active ventilation.

For this to fit inside a 2×4 wall, I had to use oval duct and special compact vent boots.

The passive vents allow air from a low height to pass through a vertical duct and leave near the ceiling in the closet.

At each end is a vent boot with a gasket that presses up against the drywall, making a good seal.

There’s an identical setup on the other side for the machine room.

The vertical offset reduces sound transmission and rapid drafts, while supporting constant air flow.

Each side also has active exhaust vents on the other end of the spaces, pulling air from up high and exhaust it down low.

Adapting between oval and round combined with an offset required some brute force, but actually worked quite well.

This uses super quiet exhaust fans which can be run constantly, intermittently, or manually switched.