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Yard Work

Today Dave and I worked on the house and the yard. As we were fixing some issues with the trim on several of our windows we were finding some of the bushes around the house to be in the way. Since we were planning to remove them anyway, we went ahead and scorched the earth, even cutting down two small trees. Dave is a pro with a chainsaw.

Later in the day, Andrew came over and we were able to get a couple more panels up. We had to stop mid-way through for Andrew to handle some business and Dave to pick up his van from a mechanic’s shop. Thankfully much of the materials were prepped in advance so we were still able to made good progress.

We now have only five panels to go. Unfortunately most of them will have to be trimmed around the double-door and the door trim will have to be installed. This all means more time and complexity.

Tomorrow I fly to California for work. My mom returns home after a really fun visit. And Dave departs the state of New Hampshire, embarking on a nomadic van-dwelling journey to North Dakota and beyond. We hope he will make his way back soon.

I won’t be able to make more progress until I return on Wednesday morning. I’m hoping Adam can line things up to start around then.

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