Work Lighting Started

December 17, 2017

Today Joe and I got started putting up work lighting.

These vapor-proof LED lights produce 7,100 lumens each.

We hung the lights from the purlins using self-tapping screws and galvanized wire.

The conduit is rated as “rain-tight”. This may be overkill for an indoor application.

We ran some conduit, starting near where the temporary power comes into the building.

The scaffolding works great indoors, but the safety railing does hit some of the steel members and tension cables if you get too near the side walls.

After doing some initial tests, I decided to order another four lights.

This conduit and lighting may eventually be removed, or possibly provide lighting to an attic space.

I plan to run the conduit to four junction boxes that will each feed two lights.

After this experience, I have decided that replacing the threshold for these doors will be one of the last things I do in the project.

The prematurely installed double-door threshold had been damaged months ago by running the scissor lifts over it. We removed it and filled in the holes.