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Winter Is Coming

Though the weather is still quite warm, the shrinking space on the calendar between now and winter is alarming. My strategy now is to pay people for their time to get it done faster and to hire Adam to finish the roof. So far it’s going well.

Last Thursday, Andrew came by and we got 2 panels on in about as many hours. Today, we were shooting to finish the remaining 7 or 8 panels to complete the sidewall.

This morning Peter, Dave and Andrew came before 9am, ready to work. We were able to setup scaffolding over-top the roofing material, which had been in the way when Andrew and I were working the other day. This made things go much more quickly and easily.

I also borrowed another drill from Adam, which allowed us to do more at once, and without having to climb up and down so much.

 We also were able to have a couple people finishing up a panel while others prep the insulation.

We got a few hours in before stopping to eat an amazing BBQ lunch my wife prepared. We got a little more done after lunch, but realized we needed a tool, which we borrowed from Adam who was thankfully nearby. We also swung by Home Depot to buy lights which I’ll need during the week to work later hours. After returning we got a couple more hours in, which finished the wall and got us prepped for the first end-wall, which I’ll hopefully get started on tomorrow evening.

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