Wind Storm

October 30, 2017

Last night there was a storm that brought with it 20 mph winds with occasional gusts of up to about 50 mph in our area.

This level of wind is uncommon for our area. Many people lost power due to trees falling on power lines.

Finishing up the roof has been behind schedule, leaving the ridge caps incomplete and the edges of the roofing panels exposed.

As the wind picked up, so did my stress level. I looked out at the building with a powerful flashlight and saw the bottom corner of the roof peeling back with each gust of wind, exposing the insulation beneath and potentially peeling off.

The rain and wind was actually not very loud inside the building.

It was too unsafe to use a ladder to access the outside of the building. How could I secure it? I went out and inspected the situation from the inside.

I’m unsure exactly what kind of knot this is, but it wasn’t a time for anything fancy.

I ended up tying a clamp on the edge of the panel to the metal structure inside. All of which I was able to do from inside the building.

This makeshift solution worked remarkably well.

In the morning I went out and inspected the damage. Amazingly, the ridge cap held up.

This is a good example of what happens to these panels when you try to remove them.

The roof panel appears to be damaged. Thankfully I have some spares.