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Wind Storm

Last night there was a storm that brought with it 20mph winds with occasional gusts of up to about 50 mph in our area. Due to unfortunate recent events, finishing up the roof has been behind schedule, leaving the ridge caps incompletely installed and the roofing at the lower gable ends attached pretty much only with clamps.

As the wind picked up, I started getting more and more nervous about the roof. I imagined the ridge caps coming off, but when I looked out at the building with a powerful flashlight, I saw the bottom corner of the roof peeling back with each gust, exposing the insulation beneath and potentially exposing other panels to peeling away as well.

I knew I wasn’t going to go up on a ladder in the rain and wind, so I lay in bed, coming up with an idea. How could I secure it? Perhaps screw something to the bottom of the panel? I went out and inspected it. I rolled some scaffolding over and climbed up. This was much safer since I was protected from the wind and rain.

I realized that the clamp being still attached was the key. I grabbed some rope, wrapped it around the clamp and then tied it to the inside of the building at a knock-in brace.

This morning I went out and inspected the damage. Amazingly, the ridge cap held up, despite being only partially attached. Thankfully the wind was coming from just the right direction.

Unfortunately it appears there is some damage to the roof panel that was flapping open. However, I have a number of spare panels, so we should be able to remove this one and replace it without much trouble.

I’m hoping to hear from the roofers today about coming by to finish things up. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but thankfully my make-shift solution worked well.

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