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Walls & Ridge Beam Up

This evening my son and I spread the rest of the gravel pile, making a nice area in front of the studio that won’t be muddy when it rains. I need some more gravel to go around the side still.

I then cleaned up the work area and attached Tyvek to the final major exterior wall, getting ready for Ryan and Abby to come this evening and help raise the walls.

The fifth wall went up easily and slid right into place.

My wife joined in and helped raise the sixth wall, which also went smoothly. I’ve been tucking the Tyvek around so when the walls come together the exterior seams aren’t exposed.

Overall the walls ended up pretty plumb and square and the gable end walls are starting to feel much more stable.

Next was to get the ridge beam up. We did some final measurements twice using a measuring tape and a laser, just to be sure.

Once you cut this ridge beam, there’s no going back.

We used a hoist to lift the 25.25’ long 3.5” x 9.5” beam from its center point, which was actually quite stable given its considerable mass.

Once we got it high enough, we rested it on the header while we setup to move it into the final position. It was immediately rock solid.

Two people on a ladder sitting atop the second stage of scaffolding 10ft off the ground was a little hairy – but Ryan and I were able to move the ridge beam into place and install the boards we had set aside to complete the pockets.

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