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Plumb Side Walls

When attaching the sidewalls to the gable walls, we weren’t able to get them plumb and also sit on the layout lines. Hoping to keep things moving quickly, I put off dealing with it and just didn’t attach them all the way. It’s critical that all the sidewalls are plumb before the rafters go on, as they will be locked in once those are attached.

The design for the side walls called for an overhang of OSB that tucks behind the end of the gable wall. This reduced sheathing cuts, as the wall is otherwise about 6″ shy of 12′. But since the 8ft on the gable walls ran slightly long, the ends of the gable walls bulge out just a little. This made it impossible to put the side wall baseplate exactly to layout and make the wall plumb. What I needed to do was move the baseplates outward.

The first step was to break the nails out of the concrete with a 16 lb sledge hammer.

Once loose from the concrete, they pulled up easily with a flat-bar.

On the north side the side walls had to come out 1-1/2 inches on each side. The south side wasn’t as bad and only had to be moved 5/8 of an inch. This was a great solution since these differences will never be visible due to how the center wall, vestibule and closets are positioned.

I then spent some time cleaning up and getting things ready for tomorrow. My goal is to get all 21 remaining rafters in place.

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