Wall Layout

May 13, 2020

I’ve spent the last couple of months clearing enough space in the building to layout the walls.

Even though it seems like I annotated every imaginable measurement, I still had to refer to the 3D model multiple times when actually drawing the lines on the floor.

I used my 3D model to create a detailed set of measurements and a laser square and laser measurement tool to find the exact points and then drew them on the floor using a giant permanent marker.

The laser square made this job very easy. Occasionally I had to turn the lights off to see the lines farther away though.

I drew inner and outer lines to make it easy to see exactly where the walls will go.

The marker appears to be very visible and durable. I had originally thought it might need to be sealed with clear spray paint, but the concrete soaked it right up.

The space around the center columns is the most critical, so the layout of the inner structure is based around those points.