Wall Adjustments

May 31, 2020

Today I made some adjustments to the fourth wall.

The trick to making a shim is to cut it along the grain, not across it.

The baseplate of center of the wall was sitting above the floor, unexpectedly. After some measuring, it appears the floor has a low spot in the same area that the wall has a high spot, compounding the issue.

I put shims under the studs, where the weight will be, and shot concrete nails in those spots to keep them in place.

I made some shims from pressure-treated 4×6 scraps left over from the dome foundation.

Everything now has to brought in through this doorway. Thankfully most of the really large stuff is already inside.

Then I cleaned up the edges of the shims that were sticking out and removed the baseplate from the doorway.

My measurements of the side door were slightly off, and the opening ended up being a little biased toward the left side.

I also widened the walkway near the side door, which didn’t quite line up.

The baseplate in the doorway will need to be removed. Constructing a wall with it in place helps ensure the wall goes up straight.

Since it’s not a load bearing wall, I didn’t need to rebuild the header.

This jig to bends 10 ft long 1/2 in. EMT conduit into perfect 4 ft. arches.

I also helped my wife build covers for her raised garden beds.

The row covers keep bugs out and moisture in. At least somewhat.

I drilled holes into the raised beds and inserted the curved pipes to form a long tunnel to be covered agriculture fabric.

We had previously been using nearby logs to prop the door open.

Finally, I installed the door closer for the side door.