Upper-center Wall Started

July 1, 2020

I finished the floor joists this past week.

Without blocking, I could feel the joists deflect a small amount under my weight.

At one point I realized that the layout was off on part of one side and had to reset the hangers. I’ve never been so glad I used screws in my life.

I leveled each joist in both directions as I attached them to ensure the floor was perfectly flat.

I hope I don’t regret going for 2x8s. I’ve checked various span tables many times to ensure I’m not under-building here.

Another ceiling joist will eventually be face nailed on the open side, providing a drywall nailer and more stability.

Today I got the upper center wall started. It turned out that the rafter and the wall didn’t meet up quite right, leaving a small gap when the vertical boards were plumb. I corrected this by using some blocks to interconnect the two.