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Three Walls Raised

Today was very productive and very fun. Many of my friends came out to help, and together we got a lot of progress done quickly.

The first job was to raise the giant gable-end wall. The chain hoists worked perfectly, raising the wall to about 45º, and the wall remained quite rigid.

Next, as we pushed the wall the rest of the way up to 90º with long boards, we had to let out the chain hoists slowly.

Once it was at 90º we started working on bracing to keep it there. Peter jumped into action and grabbed a hammer drill and some concrete screws.

Though it was a much more challenging going from 45º to 90º, we were able to do it without any disasters or injuries.

With the first wall up and braced, we were ready to assemble the second and third walls, which are smaller and much easier to raise.

We got to work cutting the studs and plates, which are all made from 12′ 2x6s.

The two walls are symmetrical aside from the doorway in one of them. We put in a header and let the bottom plate run across to be removed later to increase the stability and straightness of the during construction.

Then, just as with the gable-end wall, we covered the walls with OSB and Tyvek for structure and moisture control.

These walls were much easier to erect. Adam, Peter and I were able to lift them into place without any special tools.

Once raised, we put the wall into place using the guides on the floor and a new 8ft level Adam picked up on his way over. Adam then added the second top-plate which overlaps the gable-end wall, mending them together.

With all three walls up, the structure started to be stable enough to remove the bracing. I did secure it at the top using a ratchet strap, just for peace of mind.

After everyone left, I relocated the scaffolding and some of the materials to make room for another gable-end wall to be constructed. I also took a moment to teach my son how to hammer a nail into a board.

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