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Building a recording studio in New Hampshire

Terracing & Power

Now that the power is entering the building, I was able to cover the trench. I’ll probably plant a bush to hide this massive power entry-point. I had an electrician run 200amp service, which turns out required a 4″ pipe. Maybe overkill, but it’s what the permit required.

Over near the street, there’s now an ugly new meter sticking out of the ground. More bushes needed for sure – though the bottom third of this will be hidden once I backfill with sand and dirt.

Inside the building, I now have a 40-breaker panel, ready to add circuits to. Those will go fast through, as I’m planning for a lot of dedicated circuits, including some 220 outlets, in the workshop. In the studio, there’s going to be a lot of specialty power going on for the equipment outlets, but the lights, utility outlets and heat pump will all be wired direct to the panel.

An issue with the grading around the studio was the steep drop-off on the garden side of the building. While renting an excavator to fill in the giant ditch I cut for the electrical service, my wife and I also used it to help install some terraces that will provide beds for planting while also serving as a retaining wall. We now have over 600 sqft of raised beds for growing food.

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