Subfloor Complete

July 17, 2020

Peter came by tonight and helped me lay the subfloor.

The subfloor material doesn’t have tongue and groove on the short sides, so those terminate over top floor joists. Unfortunately the layout of the floor was 3/4 inches off, so we had to trim 3/4 inches from the first otherwise full sheet to line everything up.

We used glue and screws. I had purchased a special screw gun and attachment that feeds screws from a strip, but the gun and the attachment turned out to not be compatible.

Leaving a small expansion gap between boards ensures the floor can move a little without buckling. The staggered layout is standard practice to prevent weak spots at four-corner intersections.

That didn’t slow us down much. We were able to use the screws, many of which my children removed from the plastic strips for us.