Sub-panel Wiring

October 18, 2021

With the rough wiring in, it was now time to hook it all up to some circuits.

I ran the wires quite long to give myself options for where the wires would enter the box.

First I had to organize, double check and in some cases re-label each incoming line.

I ended up with a total of 30 circuits, most of which are home-runs.

I carefully labeled each line inside the box as I hooked them up using a special tubular label tape.

The light above the panel became quite useful in finishing the rest of the panel.

I then tidied the incoming lines and tried to ensure they won’t lay to close to the drywall.

There are 2 breaker spots that aren’t in use. I’m not sure when or why, but I expect these may one day come in handy.

I made custom label stickers for each circuit, including coding to indicate which leg of power they are on.

In these tight spaces, I had to remove some of the closed-cell foam just to get the boxes to fit.

Once everything was wired up, I flipped the breakers and it worked.

There are two track-light runs toward the center of the loft ceiling and six recessed lights toward the sides.

I’m currently just using temporary bulbs, and in the case of track lights temporary bulb fixtures as well.

There is one long L-shaped track-light run around the outside edge of the lobby ceiling and eight recessed lights near the sides.

It really helped make dark areas nicer to work in already.

There’s also some long track-light runs in the live room, but with just one bulb in each for now, it feels quite dark on that side.

With the work lights off, you can get a sense of how the lighting makes the space feel.