Steel Frame Complete

July 9, 2017

Today was a crash course in scissor lift operation. Though they do take some getting used to, this is certainly a safer way to work.

Lifting these rafters using the lifts was mostly tricky because we had to coordinate the operation of the lifts between two people.

We were able to use them as work platforms, but also to lift members into place.

A friend of a friend who does this for a living suggested we get some crowbars with tapered ends. These tools made aligning the holes for the purlins much easier.

We put up a few purlins right away to stabilize the end columns and rafters.

The upper girders on this end were level with the ground, confirming our suspicions about there being an issue on the other end.

We then put up the upper girders before finishing the remaining purlins.

At this point the structure is becoming quite stable and we’ve removed all the wooden supports.

We now have all the major steel framing members in place.