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Starting Siding

Adam and Dave came over around noon to get started on installing the siding. We started on the eastern facing sidewall and decided not to use the scaffolding to start out. Instead, we used a scissor lift and reached over the top to drive the top screws in, and the rest we did from the other side, using a latter when needed.

 The insulation proved to be a very difficult part of the process, as it has to be suspended while the panel is placed, and then sandwiched between the panel and the building. This creates a lot of heavy lifting, and the need for more hands to hold things in place.We tried out best to ensure each panel was plumb, and noticed a tendency for panels to want to twist while being installed from one side to another, leading to subtle a rotation that had to be corrected for.

By the end of the day we got about three quarters of a sidewall complete. Tomorrow will probably go slower as we have to work around the doorway.


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