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Sixth Wall Framed

After work today I helped finish getting the floor of the new dome level and then we covered it with weed control fabric and wood chips we made from trees we cleared nearby. My wife and daughter filled some pots with soil and placed them around the perimeter – and more pots are on the way. This was our shortcut to getting tomatoes planted cheaply and quickly, as opposed to building planter boxes inside like we did with the other one last year.

I then switched to cleaning up and making space for the sixth and final major exterior wall to be assembled. I had to run to the hardware store to get some more sheathing nails first, but when we got back I started building.

The boards were quite twisted again, but this time I was able to get everything in place using this little tool I made the other day. I call it The Board Twister™. It makes easy work of torquing a board into place with one hand so you can nail it with the other.

Given the symmetry of the framing design, this was the fourth wall with the same dimensions. I did the whole thing from memory, but checked my measurements against the other walls to be confident.

Sheathing went quickly, but I ran out of steam before I got the Tyvek on.

Earlier in the day I proposed that my wife and oldest daughter help me raise the fifth wall. They declined. I’ll just have to wait until Ryan comes on Friday to get these walls into place.

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