Sixth Wall Framed

June 3, 2020

Today I assembled the final wall.

I’ve been strengthening the inner corners by attaching 2-1/2 in. blocking between the last two studs, inset 1-1/2″ to form an I-beam of sorts.

The boards were quite twisted again, but this time I was able to get everything in place using this little tool I made the other day.

I call it The Board Twister™. It makes easy work of torquing a board into place with one hand so you can nail it with the other.

As this was the fourth wall with the same dimensions, I did the whole thing from memory.

The steel tension cables behind this wall will have just enough clearance to not rub or bump against it.

Though many of the boards were twisted, I was able to get the blocking in tight without having to use a ratchet strap this time.

The sheathing is offset so it tucks behind the end wall. This seems like a clever design, but I wouldn’t do it again, as it makes raising the wall more difficult without much benefit.

I suggested that my wife and daughter help me erect these walls, but they confidently declined for fear of being crushed.

She started dozens of tomato plants in the basement under grow lights and now has a place to move them to.

Earlier today I also helped my wife get the floor in the dome level and covered with wood chips.