Second Side Wall Siding Complete

September 18, 2017

Today we completed the insulation and siding on the second side wall.

Having multiple people makes this go much faster, mostly because you can avoid having to go up and down the scaffolding over and over.

The scaffolding ended up being just wide enough to fit around the roofing panels, saving us the hassle of relocating them.

WARNING: Watch for dripping sweat from above.

We’ve found that the higher speed of corded drills works much better for the self-tapping screws.

This job required gloves and a lot of replacement razor blades, as cutting against the concrete would render them dull almost immediately.

The insulation came a little long so it had to be trimmed to fit.

I expect the end walls will be much more time consuming.

I’ve decided I’m going to hire someone to put the insulation and panels on the roof.