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Second Dome

My wife had been patiently waiting for my help to construct a second dome. Yesterday we got the foundation laid out, but today we finished the foundation and got the structure assembled.

The first thing was to connect the base parts using mending plates and long screws. We had to expand the diameter of the base by a few inches using some pressure-treated 2x4s, which thankfully we had enough of on hand.

Then we were able to put the parts together. My wife took charge and laid everything out, while I helped. The woods are starting to fill out now, which always looks amazing.

We finished up the structure and put the door frame in before calling it a day. Next I’ll be running electrical between the two domes and doing some final grading before building the planter boxes inside, filling them with soil and finally covering the dome with plastic sheeting.

Too exhausted to work on the studio, I decided to put some extra prep into the next wall to be constructed and put together a cut sheet and a diagram. Hopefully this will make construction a little more organized.

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