Roofing Started

October 11, 2017

Today we got some of the insulation and panels for roof up.

The roofers found the plans more confusing than I did. I couldn’t decide if that should make me feel good or bad.

The roofers found the screws provided with the kit were impossible to use, so I ended up running to the store to buy the roofers some better ones.

I was impressed with how comfortable the roofers seemed to feel atop the structure.

Just like the walls, the insulation had to be laid down first, but unlike the walls they had to also attach and work around special brackets that hold the standing-seam roofing panels down.

I found myself very distracted during my work day, constantly wanting to look out the window and see what progress had been made.

Though it was slow starting out, they got about half done, which I believe is about what they estimated.