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Roof Completion

Winter is nearly here, and the roof has been almost complete for months. Not only has the trim caused problems due to the roofing catching the wind and starting to come off, but the ridge cap not being done let some water into the building when it rained. Also, because of Adam’s fall, I decided it was necessary to install roof anchors, which you can attach a harness to and prevent future incidents.

Today was the third time the roofing company came out to work on the trim and ridge cap. The first time, a few weeks ago, they arrived and it unexpectedly began to snow. The second time they came, the weather was much more agreeable and and they were able to install the roof anchors, get some of the trim on and even started on the ridge caps. Today, they came and finished the job.

There are some minor issues that Adam and I will sort out later, and eventually I’ll probably make some larger corrections, but for now, the building is finally ready for winter. It’s time to start focusing on the inside.

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