May 22, 2020

Today I got the chain hoists setup.

These 2 in. lift slings are rated for 6,200 lbs. each when using this basket configuration.

A friend of mine who works at a steel mill gave me some advice on where to place them.

The grease on the hoist chains is very messy and smelly. At some point I need to soak them in degreaser and then apply a cleaner grease.

The 20ft pull chains make it possible to operate them from a few feet away from the wall.

The simulation did not help me assess the rigidity of the wall. Though I designed the header to double as a rigid lifting point, I’m unsure how flexible the wall will actually be.

I built a simulation of the wall lift. I expect to get the wall to about a 45ยบ with the chain hoists. From there, we will push the wall the rest of the way with boards and people-power while letting out the chain hoists slowly.