Repairs & Flashing

July 28, 2017

I contacted the building manufacture about the oddly angled upper girders.

I thought this whole angled girder situation was suspicious, but when I started studying how the siding goes on there was no doubt the column was defective.

The company is going to overnight some brackets that should allow the girders to attach at the right position on the column.

Unloading this flimsy box with that forklift made me concerned for the safety of the materials inside. Thankfully nothing was damaged.

I emptied the giant monstrosity of a box and broke it down to be thrown out.

The trim all had protective plastic on them, which helped ensure they didn’t get scratched during transport.

Now all that remains is the flashing, siding, roofing and trim.

I used polyurethane sealant on all the joints to ensure a good seal between pieces.

I attached the flashing to the base angle. This will keep water from running into the building.

Though it’s nice to not being working high off the ground, below waist level is more exhausting than I expected.

Now I’m ready for siding.