Ready for Winter

December 16, 2017

Today I got the building ready for winter.

This 10-gauge extension cord is specially designed for cold climates and remains flexible down to sub-zero temperatures.

I first made a hole for an outdoor power outlet which I’ll temporarily use to feed temporary power into the building.

This propane weed burning torch worked very well for de-icing, but when we use it on the heat-shrink plastic cover it just melted it and created holes.

Adam came by to cover the dome as well. He used a blow torch to de-ice the perimeter of the dome and then covered it with plastic sheeting according to the instructions that came with the kit.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do. I’m finding with so much space I don’t have to clean before working, I can just move to another area.

He also lent me an 80k BTU space heater and a high-powered fan. Together they raised the temperature in studio about 20 degrees in one hour.

The entries are going to need to be cleared of snow by hand until I put awnings in someday.

I put the door sweep on the single door and made some final adjustments to ensure it was plumb and square so it sealed properly.

I have some ideas on how to un-twist the door panels. I suspect they were warped during shipping and storage.

I also put in the double doors. The door panels are twisted a bit, so they don’t meet very well in the center.