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Rake Trim

Dave spent the night last night, so when Adam arrived around 8:30am with Maple Doughnuts we were pretty much ready to get going. Today’s focus was adding rake trim and rake support trim around the perimeter of the bottom and top of the structure for siding and roofing to attach to. This is the final step before installing insulation, siding and roofing.

The rake trim around the bottom and at the top of the gable ends is made of 20ft lengths of 2in x 4in L-shaped sheet metal. This required a lot of cutting to length and drilling, as various columns and doors were in the way. I got a metal cutting blade for my miter saw and removed some of the plastic parts that would get damaged by the high-heat of cutting metal.

Adam thankfully had a really powerful hammer-drill which made quick work of drilling the concrete out so we could use anchors to attach the rake trim to the slab.

I also used an angle-grinder for more detailed work. The plans called for field blocking out a 4-1/2in section of the top piece to make room for the final pieces I will install next week to sit flush.

The rake support trim pieces around the top are special because they are connected using fasters that allow the roof to expand and contract independently of the structure below. We were glad to still have two scissor lifts around for this one, and having one person on the ground to prepare and hand off materials proved valuable as well.¬†We finished up the last gable end just as my wife and daughters finished up lunch and Adam’s wife, Liz, arrived. Next week I will need to install the final 10 flange parts that go along the roofline on the long and low sides, and then I will be officially done with the entire structure and be ready to install insulation, siding and roofing.

Adam, Dave and I watched Adam and my kids while Liz and my wife went out for the afternoon for a well-deserved break. Since it’s supposed to rain a bit next week, I hope to get in the final parts before the weekend – my last weekend with the scissor lifts. After that, we will have some friends in town and be doing a little traveling, so I may not make much progress until later in August.


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