Rake Trim & Base Angle

July 23, 2017

Today we installed rake trim and base angle.

To attach the base angle, we used a hammer drill to make holes in the slab and then used special concrete screws.

The rake trim goes on the top of the gable ends to attach corner trim. The base angle goes around the perimeter to attach siding.

This is not the right saw for this operation. It melted the plastic throat plate inserts and now I have to order replacements.

The provided parts had to be field-cut, so I improvised and used my miter saw with a meta cutting blade.

Everywhere the plans called for field cutting, it really seemed like the parts could have been prepared this way but the manufacturer was cutting corners.

I also used an angle-grinder for the detail work.

The slots in the rake trim require special screws with smooth setback collars on them to ensure the steel can move even when the screw is tight.

The rake trim has slots so the gable corner trim can expand and contract independent of the structure.

As more materials are used, the job site becomes tidier.

I have to give the lifts back next week.