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Rafter Blocking

Today I got the rafter blocking in. It was nice to have a smaller job I could do on my own.

I installed 2×6 blocks where the rafters sit atop the side walls. They help prevent the tops of the rafters from twisting and also enclose the bays a bit. I also added 2×6 blocking 8ft away from the side walls. This will be valuable for drywall, but also prevents the rafters from bending. After All the blocking was in, the entire structure was noticeably stiffer.

I also took the opportunity while up there to hang the lights to the rafters. I’ll have to remove them entirely before the Tyvek goes on top of the rafters and insulation goes in the bays. However, in the mean time, this was an improvement over them being pushed out of place by the rafters.

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