Power & Retaining Walls

August 19, 2019

The building now has 200 amp electrical service.

The service entrance has an expansion joint, allowing the ground to move up and down independently of the building.

The service entrance isn’t very pretty. I may hide it eventually with some plants.

While excavating the trench I accidentally broke the cable TV line and had to repair it to get my internet back up.

I now have an ugly meter sticking out of the ground near the street. I’ll definitely hide this with some bushes.

This panel will eventually be flush when I put up walls around the workshop area.

Inside the building there’s a breaker panel. Just one outlet so far, but it will be easy to wire in more.

We now have over 600 sqft of raised beds for growing food.

I rented an excavator again to fill the trench. While I had it my wife and I put in a terraced garden bed that will serve as a retaining wall.