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Power, Heat & Doors

Today Adam came by and got working on covering the chicken dome. He first had to de-ice the perimeter, which he did using a propane flame thrower. Later in the day he used that same tool to get the heat-shrink cover to shrink as well.

Meanwhile I was working on installing an outdoor power box, which will eventually be an outlet, but at the moment is serving as a way to get a giant 10-gauge extension cord into the building. This will be the temporary power until spring, so I wanted to do try and do a nice job with it.

Adam also brought out an 80k BTU space heater and a high-powered fan, which together warmed up the inside of the studio at least 20 degrees in about an hour. This made it really nice to work inside the studio, and I expect I’ll be going through a lot of propane this winter.

I then directed my attention to getting the doors to seal. The single was missing a sweep on the bottom, leaving a considerable gap under the door. It was also just a little out of plumb, making it not sit against the weather stripping very well.

First I had to clear away the snow and Ice from in front of the door. Then, to adjust it, I had to remove and trim the threshold, then undo a lot of screws and then reinstall everything in the right place. The result is pretty good. The door seals all the way around and it’s much straighter.

Finally I got working on the double doors. They required weather stripping and some hardware to be installed. I’m still having some issues however, as the door panels themselves are twisted a bit, making the point where they meet in the middle look pretty off at the bottom. I’m considering how to best seal the gap between them as well, especially considering what will seal the best.

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