Pouring Concrete

November 12, 2016

This week the slab was poured and finished. The crew built forms, poured and finished in a single day.

It took over 16 cubic yards of fiber-reinforced concrete to fill the forms creating a 4 in. thick slab with 18 in. deep footings.

Peter designed the monolithic slab, which isn’t as common in New England as slabs with a 4 ft frost wall, but certainly easier to construct.

They used a gas-powered machine to level and smooth the concrete.

Because it was colder than expected, the concrete took longer to set up and finishing went more slowly.

The far end of the slab which had the least amount of light on it ended up with the roughest finish.

The final finish had to be done by hand, after sundown, by the headlights of their work trucks and a small LED work-light I rigged up on a ladder.

Bolts for the columns were set into the concrete.

The next day the forms were removed and insulation was added to the perimeter of the slab.

The insulation is laid against the slab and extends outward about 18 in. below grade.

The slab will be exposed all winter so a coat of sealant was applied to help prevent freeze damage.