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Minor Adjustments

Yesterday went great, but one thing we left scratching our heads about was why the baseplate of center of the wall was sitting above the floor. Since we had constructed flat on the ground along a laser-stright line, we didn’t expect there to be a gap.

But it turns out the concrete is actually a little low in the center, and due to the sheathing making the wall extremely rigid, once we stood the wall up, this was much easier to see. I made some tapered shims from a pressure-treated 4×4, cutting along the grain. I tapped them in from both sides until snug and then shot the nails into the concrete to lock down the baseplate through the shims.

Then I cleaned up the edges of the shims sticking out and removed the baseplate from the doorway.

Next was to widen the side door opening. My measurements of the side door were slightly off, and the opening ended up being a little biased toward the left side. Since it’s not a load-bearing header, this was very easy to fix.

I just cut out the bottom section of the right side of the door frame and put in another full-height board to the right of that. Then I reinforced it with a 2×4 set perpendicular to make the doorway stiffer and trimmed back the OSB.

My wife had a project today too. The raised beds we built last year needed some covers. I came up with a simple and inexpensive design that uses 1/2″ electrical conduit every 4 ft. I created a jig to bend the conduit into an arch and we quickly bent twenty-two 10ft pipes.

Then we drilled holes into the raised beds and inserted the curved pipes to form a long tunnel which would be covered with a special kind of fabric that lets in light and air but keeps out bugs.

My final project for the day was to install the last door-closer. I’d been putting this off, but we now use this door a lot more and I was getting tired of propping it open with bits of nearby firewood.

A very productive weekend to be sure. Two more side-walls and it’ll be time to do something new – install the ridge beam.

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