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Making Space

This morning I recruited my kids to help me move some materials to make space for the fourth wall, which will be another giant gable-end.

The break lines in the concrete slab are very crooked, so I originally misjudged where to stack the sheathing and subfloor material. Moving it a foot or two required re-stacking it twice.

I also moved some baker scaffolding over to the other side to make more room for the new wall. My girls found a way to play jumprope with two people, by attaching one end of the rope to some scaffolding.

My next project today was to build a base for a second geodesic dome. This required cutting a lot of pressure-treated 4x6s at 12º angles, which my 10″ miter saw just couldn’t do. So I sprung for a new 12″ model, which also has a double-miter feature, which I expect will come in handy for studio construction as well.

Tomorrow we’ll assemble the dome frame and possibly cover it. I have until next weekend to get that gable-end wall built, or nearly built, as that’s when I’ll have enough help again to raise it.

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