Making Space For Fourth Wall

May 24, 2020

This morning I my kids helped me move some materials to make space for the fourth wall.

The break lines in the concrete slab are very crooked, so I originally misjudged where to stack the sheathing and subfloor material.

Moving it a foot or two required re-stacking it twice, so I was glad to have some help.

Having almost everything on wheels has been very useful. I even have the large beams on furniture dollies.

I moved the remaining scaffolding while my girls found a way to play jumprope with two people.

I was able to use the same miter saw stand for the new saw.

I also got a new 12 in. miter saw.

The second dome base has a gravel foundation, which I regreted not doing with the first one.

I justified the purchase of the new saw because my 10 in. miter saw wasn’t able to cut through the 4×6 material we used for the base of the second dome.