Lobby Ceiling Repainting

April 19, 2023

With the lobby floor mostly clear, I was finally able to touch-up the paint on the lobby ceiling. This was one of the first things I painted, and with very little experience with painting large ceilings I left a lot of roller marks and coverage gaps.

I put a couple of coats on, thinking it would mostly go away with better coverage, but ultimately the issue was mainly in the rough texture in certain areas and not others, so sanding was necessary to resolve this issue.

So I took everything off the ceiling, hung some masking to keep the dust from spreading around too much and sanded the ceiling down.

These lights helped to reveal what is normally not seen, but even without them I found it hard to unsee the issues.

Will came by and helped me add a final coat, back-rolling the edges after I applied the paint with a wide roller.

I felt very conflicted about whether to call it good-enough or to keep sanding and painting, but once the normal lights were back in I felt much better about stopping at sanding twice and painting six times.

Though not perfect, the ceiling looks much better now.