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Lights & More Door Fixes

Joe came out to help me today, and we started by working on the double doors. Not were they still out of alignment, but I needed to install the sweeps on them to seal up the bottoms like I did on the single door yesterday. Also, just like the other door, to adjust the door frame, I had to trim the threshold. In this case, the threshold needed to be replaced because it was damaged from a scissor lift running over it, so it had to be done anyway. As we started removed the threshold one of the screws holding it down to the concrete wouldn’t come out. I ended up spending quite a while drilling and chiseling it out.

After the damaged threshold was gone, we adjusted the bottom parts of the door frame and got the doors aligned well enough that the sweeps would go on properly. I may be able to align them a little better by adjusting them at the top of the door frame as well, but I can do that later. We installed the sweeps and decided to move on to the next project.

First we hung four lights from the steel purlins. The lights are vapor proof, and are supposedly insanely bright, at 7,100 lumens each. We then ran the first run of conduit, starting near where the temporary power comes into the building and ending where the closest light to that point is.

The conduit is all weatherproof as well, which may be overkill for an indoor application, but the difference in cost is worth the peace of mind I’ll have knowing the entire system is sealed from moisture.

After working in there for a while with the two 2,000 lumens work lights I have, I decided to order another four lights. Though the final design will have eight lights, that won’t change the way the conduit is run.

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