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Ledger Board

This afternoon Ryan helped me secure the ridge beam we got into place yesterday. We measured the bottom and top to ensure the beam was sunk into the pockets the right amount and then nailed the beam into the pocket.

When we removed the rigging in the center we noticed it was a bit squished, which explained why it was so very hard to lift the ridge beam that last 1/4″ getting it into the final pocket.

The beam is extremely rigid. I’m very impressed with how light-yet-strong this LVL material is. Ryan apparently also approves.

Later in the day I got to work on letting-in the ledger board that will be used to attach floor joists for the loft area.

I used a laser level to mark where to cut, which didn’t perfectly follow the blocking, but it was pretty close.

I first cut many 1-1/2″ deep slots between the marks with a circular saw, and then knocked them out with a hammer and finished the notch with a chisel.

It was quite labor-intensive, especially working at knee-height on the first stage of the scaffolding. I was so completely covered in sawdust I took a shower before cleaning up and attaching the ledger board.

The board went on pretty easily with some tapping and opening up one spot with a reciprocating saw. I then screwed it into place, which pulled it in the rest of the way.

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