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Knock-in Bridging

As Peter’s work day was ending, he texted me to see if I was working on the building tonight. I told him I was planning to get the doors installed, and he offered to come help. While I waited for him to arrive, I started going through the boxes of parts related to the doors. Then I came across an very heavy bundle of steel that was wrapped in multiple layers of plastic. Suddenly I realized it was the knock-in bridging I had noticed was called for in the plans several days ago, but hadn’t tracked down yet.

When Peter arrived, I gave him the news. “We aren’t doing doors, but the thing we are doing should be pretty quick and easy.” Soon we would be reminded, that nothing in this project has been quick or easy.

The bridging consists of 1×1 angle iron in various lengths with tabs on each end. To install it, you have to bend the tabs, slide one end into a pre-punched slot, and then get the other end into another slot on the other side. To do this magic trick, Peter discovered that the pre-punched slots could be bent a bit with a screwdriver. This pushed one side away and the other toward the bridging part, allowing us to slide the bent tab into the slot. Brilliant. We got about half a quarter of them done and ate dinner. Then we got another quarter done, this time much more quickly. We lost light, so we called it a day.

Thank you Peter! Getting those in really helped me prepare for this weekend, in which I hope to finally get some sheeting up.

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