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Heat Makes Everything Worse

Dave and I woke up early this morning to beat the heat. We got started on installing the first panel on the final end-wall. But things did not go well.

First, we made a mistake and cut the insulation too short. After coming up with a way to fix that problem, we installed the first panel an inch too low. We pulled it off and installed it again. Still too low! The boards we were using to set the height were falling apart and not working anymore. We were getting frustrated having made a few mistakes in a row. And of course, it was getting hot.

So, we decided to move on to other projects.

We cleaned the garage and prepared some shelving liners for our pantry in the basement, both things I had been putting off for quite some time but also could be done away from the blazing sun. Having Dave here is really productive, but also really fun. The day started off hard, but it was very satisfying to be able to park the van in the garage again.

In the evening, we picked up my mom from the airport, who will be visiting for several days. At the moment, we have quite a full house, which is always fun.

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