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Good Help

Today I finally got around to returning the two damaged and incomplete scaffolding kits which I recently had to buy again. The crazy thing is, even using home delivery for the second set, the products still came damaged. Thankfully, between the four damaged and/or incomplete kits, I was able to come up with two complete and undamaged kits.

My girls came out and started asking if they could help. Normally I tell them, “no, it’s too dangerous, you should stay away from the building site”. But my shoulder hurt a bit, we had lots of time, and they seemed intent on helping regardless of what I said, so I took them up on their offer.

They helped me disassemble and load up the truck I’m borrowing from Adam. Then they helped me assemble the remaining parts I was keeping. They had a lot of fun climbing and coming up with plans to use scaffolding to build a village of tree forts in the woods. Then Aurora came with me on my epic Home Depot return trip, and was very patient the whole time. I had a really great time working with them, perhaps I can get them more involved in the future.

Around 5pm, Peter and Andrew came out and we got back to work on the end wall. Between the prep we did yesterday and the materials I picked up at the store today, we were off to a running start. We installed four panels and cleaned everything up by 8:30pm.

The lights, again, were critical. We now have three-quarters of the end wall complete. With only about 14 panels left, I think it’s quite possible that I’ll be able to complete the siding by October, at which point Adam is coming to finish the roof.

I’m feeling very confident that paying for labor, rather than waiting until people were able and willing to volunteer, has been a good decision. The amount of labor that my friends gave me free this summer was astounding. However, I believe I’ve gotten to a point where fast is more important than free. It’s really awesome too that so many of my friends have been available to work, as it’s much more fun building things with them than someone I don’t know.

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