Garden Plot

July 2, 2017

My wife’s farm project is finally making some progress.

We really liked this tree, but decided to remove it out of caution since it was so close to the house.

We had a grading company come in and clear a 50×50 area near the house and the studio.

The trees are so tall around this area, it gets very little direct sunlight in the afternoon and evening.

Since this spring has been so wet, the area was a bit of a mud pit while they were stumping.

My son quickly claimed the sandy road base as his own construction area.

They also put some road base in between the studio and the garden. We are thinking this might be a road to a pasture someday.

My attention to detail was not valued, but I stand by my work.

We shaped the garden area into trenches and mounds for planting.

We used ropes between stakes to ensure the rows were perfectly straight and evenly spaced.

My wife started planting right away, as she’d started most of the plants in the basement under grow lights.

This garden should be able to produce a massive amount of food.

My wife is very happy with the way it came out.