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Garden Plot

My wife has been very patient for her big project to kick off, a garden. It took a while to line up a grading company to come out and clear, stump, level and fill a 50ft by 50ft area for her to grow food. For months she has been growing a variety of vegetables in small pots in the basement under grow lights. The other day, finally, the clearing began.

It’s been an especially wet spring, so once they cleared the trees and scooped the stumps out of the ground, we had a bit of a mud pit. They would later bring in a fair amount of fill to remedy that.

They also added a road base between the studio and the garden, which will one day lead to a pasture. For now, it’s the biggest sand-pit a kid could ask for. Blaise is very happy.

Next, the flat dirt area needed to be transformed into a garden. We dug out trenches to build up mounds to grow in. This was pretty hard labor, but it was done in a just few days.

Melissa was very eager to get the plants out of the pots they were rapidly outgrowing and into the ground. She even began planting before we’d finished digging.

Most of the garden is now planted. Melissa is very happy with her new garden. It’s time to me to get focused on the studio again.

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