Framing & Mechanical Design

February 6, 2020

Lately I’ve been working out the framing and HVAC details.

I’m planning to make the rectangular sound treatment panels modular. I’ll cover both the diffusers and absorbers with the same fabric and be able rearrange them in different locations to get the best sound.

I took some final measurements of the existing structure and adjusted my model accordingly.

All exterior walls are 24 in. OC 2×6 construction with 7/16 in. OSB sheathing on the outside. Each wall will be sheathed and covered with a vapor barrier before erecting.

The interior structure is designed using advanced framing, maximizing energy efficiency.

The final floor-plan includes a tracking room, a loft which will serve as a control room, 2 storage closets, an electrical room and a vestibule entry way.