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Framing Completion

Today was dry and Peter, Adam and Dave were all available. A perfect day to complete the framing of the studio structure. Peter arrived around 10am, we got setup, had some breakfast and started installing purlins on the middle bay while until Adam and Dave could join us.

We learned how to operate the scissor lifts pretty quickly and began making steady progress on completing the middle bay. Adam and Dave arrived and began setting up the columns for the final bay. Using the lifts, we were able to place the heavy rafters and secure them. Though it did get a little scary at one point, it so far seemed to be far safer than how we erected the other columns and rafters using a reach forklift and many people on the ground.

After installing one of the rafters, we decided it would be best to tie it into the rest of the building before adding the other. This way we had a much more stable structure to build on.

Adam and Dave had to get going, so they helped us install the final rafter, which was the last piece that required more than two people to install, and then headed out.

Peter and I pressed on, placing and securing the remaining purlins and girts. We stopped briefly for dinner, which my wife had prepared, and then headed back out to finish up.

Now that the framing is complete, I can get working on the doors, insulation, siding, roofing and trim.

Unlike previous construction days, I wasn’t stressed out. We were making steady progress, things were clicking into place and my friends, as always, really came through for me. Thank you Peter, Adam and Dave. You guys really made it happen today.

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