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Fourth Wall Up

Today we got an early start, grabbed some 16ft 2x6s from Home Depot and started finishing the framing of the fourth wall.

This time I decided to put some screws into the face-nailed rafter to help keep it tight through all the twisting that happens during the lifting process.

We then quickly sheathed the wall and cut out the doorway.

I provided critical micromanagement while Ryan stapled at each red mark on the Tyvek.

Peter anchored the D-rings while Ryan and I attached the hoists to the steel rafter. This time they would be at a much steeper angle to start, but would be able to pull the wall nearly all the way up.

We started pulling and one of the hoists was binding up because of the angle we were pulling at.

We tired rotating the hoist, since the other side wasn’t giving us any trouble. This did not help.

Finally we realized that pulling from a higher angle on the opposite side of the wall would work, so I sat on the scaffolding and pulled away from there.

This got the wall to about 80º, which made it possible to push into place pretty easily.

We were very careful about bracing and put in place a number of safety measures, but thankfully we didn’t have anything go wrong.

On the other side we replaced the chain hoists with some ratchet straps to keep the wall from swaying away from the rafter until the ridge beam is in place.

Then we simplified the bracing to make room for the side walls.

It was a really productive day and we were all really pleased to have gotten the other wall up safely with only three of us. With this dividing wall up, both workshop and the studio are really starting to take shape.

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