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Fourth Wall Prep

The last two evenings I’ve been chipping away at cutting and laying out the fourth wall. I’ve got most of the wall laid out, but due to some warped lumber and late-breaking changes I’m now four 16 ft. 2x6s short, which I’ll have to get tomorrow. They’ll stick out the back of my van like 6 ft., but as long as a put a red flag on the back it’s legal.

My goal is to have the wall framed and sheared by Saturday morning, when I’ll have some help lifting the wall into place. We’re hoping this one can be pulled into place entirely using the hoists by pulling from above the base.

This does pull at about a 45º angle during the heaviest part of the pull, so I’m unsure if it will work as we hope, but if it does then it will be much less labor intensive and probably less scary.

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