Floor Joists Started

June 24, 2020

I’ve been chipping away getting floor joists up over the last few days.

The bottom of the 2×8 joists are flush with the bottom of the beam, leaving 8ft 1-1/2″ from unfinished floor to ceiling.

I put the face-nailed joist on the end up three times before it was correct, which was especially painful because it’s nailed in.

The joist hangers are secured using Simpson SD screws, which are much easier to work with than the hot dipped nails.

I found that a four of the 2x8s were unacceptable, so I’ll have to exchange them to finish the floor.

Peter told me he spent a few minutes marveling at this machine upon first seeing it. I did too.

We’re also doing some more tree clearing to create a pasture. The equipment they’re using is really big.

The studio will have much less shade now, making plans for extensive insulation all the more sensible.

This also took care of a few dead trees that were a threat to the studio if they were to fall.