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Last night I marked the rafter layout on the ridge beam. I considered doing this on the ground, and it would have been easier, but I wasn’t sure how much adjustment was going to be needed back and forth once we got it up there so I put it off.

I only marked the locations where I’ll be using rafter ties. The other locations are where the 2x10s will be face-nailed to the walls, providing additional rigidity and nailers for drywall.

Using my model and verifying my measurements multiple times in multiple ways, I created a jig for each end that makes it easy to mark where the boards need to be cut.

I made one for each end so all you have to do is run a tape-measure 15′ between them and trace the lines.

I’m using Simpson 2×2 sloped rafter hangers and opted to use their SD screws instead of nails. This is proving to be a very wise choice, as the screws go in quickly and smoothly. This is especially important when you’re up high. Trying to start and drive nails 18ft off the ground would have been miserable.

I got my daughter to help me get the first one into place, and it feels very strong. I didn’t toenail the other end into the wall yet, as I want to ensure the wall is plumb before I lock it into place.

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