First Rafter

June 11, 2020

Today I got the first rafter up.

Marking the ridge beam on the ground would have been easier, but I decided to hold off since wasn’t quite sure how it would seat in the end wall pockets.

I marked the locations where using rafter hangers will be located.

These jigs were based on many measurements both in the software and of the building.

I created a jigs that make it easy to mark where the boards need to be cut.

The black rectangles hide measurements I later realized were incorrect.

I made one for each end so all you have to do is run a tape-measure 15′ between them and trace the lines.

Attaching the rafter hangers to the rafter first makes it much easier to attach them while working overhead.

I’m very glad I opted for structural screws over nails. Trying to drive nails by hand 18ft off the ground would have been miserable.

I only attached it at the ridge beam for now. I’ll attach it at the wall when all of them are in so I can make sure the wall is locked in plumb.

My daughter helped me get the first rafter into place.