First End Wall Siding Continued

September 21, 2017

This week we put up more insulation and siding up on the first end wall.

Since I have two stacks of scaffolding we were able to extend the exterior one to reach 15 ft.

I’m running short on time until winter comes, so I’ve started paying some friends to help me after work.

This scaffolding would have been very handy early on in the project. Being able to work this high off the ground safely has made a big difference.

Since it’s getting dark so much earlier, I’ve invested in some portable lighting.

My daughters really enjoy climbing on the scaffolding.

The other two scaffolding stacks arrived, but some of the pieces were again damaged. Between the four stacks I was able to keep two complete and undamaged stacks and return whatever was left.

We’ve been burning through carpet tape like crazy, but it works surprisingly well at holding the insulation up while we install a panel.

Progress has been very slow on the end wall.

The lighting kit being battery operated has been very useful. I was initially shocked at the cost, but it’s been worth every penny.

Paid labor has been a very good choice. I still have 14 panels to go.