First End Wall Siding Complete

September 23, 2017

Today we got the rest of the insulation and siding up on the first end wall.

It’s hard to say whether working up high or down low is more difficult, but we did find that some people preferred one over the other.

I’m very excited to be done with this wall. It was quite difficult and time consuming to complete.

Adam often steps in to perform quality control duties, which always puts me at ease.

We’ve been very careful to keep the panels plumb. This makes a big difference in how the building looks at a distance.

The downside to having three walls up is that there’s no breeze inside the building anymore.

As slow as the first end wall was, the second end wall will likely be even slower, as we will have to work around the door.

I’m unsure why, but Adam ended up using the worst scaffolding and ladder on the job site to do this task.

Though the plans say nothing of it, it was necessary to add some scrap angle iron in a few spots so there was something to screw the siding to.

The metal shavings caused by pre-drilling rust incredibly fast. We had to either clean and re-stack the panels or used them the same day to avoid staining the finish.

The trick to getting the screws to line up perfectly is to pre-drill them with the panels stacked together.